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Enhance your Conversation Intelligence Insights.

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Enhance and Automate Quality Assurance

Optimized Agent Performance

Automated call transcription, summarization and classification, seamless CRM data exchange to improved agent utilization

Quality Assurance

Automated agent performance analysis, script adherence, and agent scoring pinpoint areas for improvement, eliminating random sampling and enhancing QA efficiency and service quality.

Agent Assist

AI guided customer interactions using historic call data, with real-time suggestions and information for improved service and efficient agent training and onboarding


The power of AI in Analyitics

Discover and Analyse Business Insights

efficient and flexible

Ai powered conversation intelligence

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Actionable Business Insights

Advanced conversation intelligence, trends analysis, and problem/solution identification drive strategic decision-making

Enhanced Customer Understanding

Multilingual transcriptions, conversation, sentiment and emotion analysis provide deeper insights into customer needs, problems and solutions

Compliance Adherence

Adherence to industry standards and regulatory frameworks assuring data privacy through sensitive data detection, redaction or encryption critical for sectors like finance and healthcare

Security you rely on

Callplan protects your data whilst giving your team easy access whenever they want. Here is how we do it.

Industry & Regulatory Compliance
Callplan is committed to securely managing your data and adheres to all applicable laws, regulations, and industry certifications, including:

PCI DSS | Callplan is a PCI DSS Level 2 certified Service Provider.


GDPR | Callplan maintains a robust information security program to comply with GDPR.


ISO27001 | Callplan adheres to the ISO27001 standard for information security management.

Data Security Practices

Data encryption at rest and in transit


Access control with 2FA and VPN


Application security testing


Secure development lifecycle


Third-party subprocessor management


Identity and access management for employees


Hardware security for employees


Responsible disclosure policy

AI, Security & Privacy
We handle securely, responsibly and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations all the data we collect, process and disclose. Data is only retained for as long as necessary to provide our services, comply with applicable law and align with our client’s requirements.
All our services are provided from our EU based private cloud infrastructure. AI workloads are run in-house, and as an exception, customer specific workloads may be outsourced to carefully vetted third-party providers who meet or exceed our own standards. Shared data is anonymized or de-identified.
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Enhance your Conversation Intelligence Insights.

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Enhance your Conversation Intelligence Insights.

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