Introducing Call Recordings, Eavesdrop & Whispering and Updated Events Page

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Product Updates

So excited to share some completely new features and improvements to help your contact center provide excellent customer experience. Enjoy the Call Recordings, Eavesdrop & Whispering as well as the updated Events Page.

Here’s a look at everything we’ve been working on.

Introducing Call Recordings Management

Recordings let you manage your call recordings easily from one centralized place at your convenience. Maintain the highest level of quality assurance by monitoring and analyzing the inbound and outbound conversations. Get the insights and determine the best practices for your contact center with encrypted voice recording. This functionality can help you increase agent efficiency, enhance customer experience and make more informed business decisions.

Call Center Recordings Callplan

How does it work?

You are able to playback your recordings, filtering them by Date and sorting them by Direction, Date, Participants, and Duration.
The player can help you navigate the recording or adjust the conversation speed.

Recordings Player on Callplan - Feature for Call Centers

With Callplan Recordings you are able to:

  • Listening back to call recordings and capture essential conversation details;
  • Evaluate the customer support level and improve your team performance;
  • Get a complete picture of your customers and every agent interaction;
  • Analyse and fix customer complaint cases;
  • Maintain and ensure compliance, such as PCI and GDPR.
    *Note: Management Access is Required to use this feature.

Announcing the Eavesdrop & Whispering

Eavesdrop is a powerful solution to monitor your team and improve their customer support efforts. It gives you the ability to listen to live calls (Eavesdropping) as well as give verbal instructions to the agent (Whispering).

This functionality can be used for multiple reasons, but the most important ones, are training new agents and quality of assurance.

How does it work?
The Eavesdrop & Whispering gives you the opportunity to use your Callplan to listen to and to interact with the call:

Eavesdrop and Whispering for Call Centers - Callplan

To listen to a call:

Open the Dialer on your Callplan

Dial *33[ext] where you replace [ext] with the internal number of the agent you want to listen to.

For example, if the extension number for agent “agent.demo” is 10015, then you enter *3310015 and click dial.

The system will then ask you to enter a PIN followed by the #. Without the PIN, you won’t be able to connect.

To disconnect, click Hangup or wait until the original call between the customer and the agent is completed.

To be able to interact with the call you have hooked on (whispering for example), activate/deactivate on of the following options:

press 2 to speak with the agent (only)

press 1 to speak with the customer (only)

press 3 to engage in a three-way conversation

press 0 to return to eavesdrop only

With Callplan Eavesdrop & Whispering you are able to:
  • Monitor customer service quality;
  • Train your agents in real-time;
  • Empowering agents to deliver an exceptional CX;
  • Resolve customer disputes effectively.

With our call center software, you can coach your agents working from home or in the office while ensuring they meet quality standards. Thе tool will help you to provide excellent customer experience.

Hoooray! Our Events Page Has Been Updated

We’ve improved the Callplan Events experience for you. Quality Management of your team has never been so easy and efficient.

How does it work?

Events Page gives you the ability to filter and sort the records according to your needs by User, Status, Date and Session Length.

events callplan contact centre solutin software
With Callplan Events you are able to:
  • Evaluate agent interactions and identify key areas of improvement;
  • Monitor real-time agent engagement;
  • Provide agents with actionable feedback on their performance;
  • Optimize operational efficiency in the contact center.

    *Note: Management Access is Required to use this feature.

This was a quick overview of everything we have been recently up to. Keep an eye on our Blog to stay in the loop with the latest updates our team is working on.

We help teams of all sizes go 100% remote in less than 24 hours with Callplan for FREE until September 2020.

If you want to find out how Callplan can help your Contact center, get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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