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Contact centers today must stay compliant with the constantly evolving security standards, so they can protect all the payment information of their customers. That’s why the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) plays an important part.

Callplan Payments is a modern PCI DSS Compliant solution that ensures high security standards in your contact center for remote card payments over the phone.

How does Callplan Payments work?

When your contact center receives a payment request from a customer, the transaction is initiated by the agent or through the IVR. Then the customer enters their card details via the telephone dialpad. Callplan helps you collect the payment and processes it to a secured Payment Service Provider who completes the transaction.

This way our solution protects your remote agents and customer’s data while ensuring PCI Compliance in your contact center.

Payment Methods

IVR Telephone Payments.

Callplan Telephone payments let your customers use self-service IVR to complete their transactions using either dialpad or speech to text. Customers can make payments at their best convenience transforming your contact center into a 24/7 payment channel.

Agent-Assisted Payments.

Callplan Payments allows your agents to assist customers to complete their transaction in an encrypted environment. The agent uses a Control Panel to initiate the transaction. While a customer enters their payment details, the agent stays connected to the call and is not exposed to any cardholder data.

Benefits of Callplan Payments:

Remote Payments – it’s safe for remote agents to collect payments over the phone while customers’ data is protected (card details are not visible to agents).
Flexibility – APIs to connect to your CRM tools and customized payment forms to fit your contact center needs.
Increased Revenue – Callplan allows you to handle payments easier while providing an efficient and cost-effective revenue channel.
Peace of mind for your business – our solution prevents sensitive data from entering your contact centre environment and reduces the risk of data fraud.
Customer’s Trust – we provide customers with safe and secured payments that build trust and loyalty in your business.

Check on our Blog post to find our more about Callplan Payments.

Ready to collect remote payments confidently?
Find out how Callplan Secure Payments can help you enhance your contact center.

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