Callplan’s Response to COVID-19

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Remote Working | 0 comments

With the recent rapid development of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), many businesses are implementing the “working from home” policy to prevent the spread of the virus.

As a company, Callplan has been relying on a distributed team from the very beginning so we are very accustomed to working together from a distance.
However, we are taking the situation very seriously and we are making sure all of our employees are staying safe and informed while we continue to provide the same level of services to our customers.

Our main priorities that guide us through are:
Protect and support all of our employees. No exceptions!
Support our customers during their transition to fully “working from home” workforce.
Ensure continuity of our service to all our clients
To reflect these priorities:

1. Social distancing and home desk setups for all

At Callplan, we believe that at this stage of the pandemic, the most effective measure is to limit the physical contact of our employees. Although, we are based at multiple locations, we still have a few of us in the same city. Therefore, as of March 16th we require all of our employees to use voice & video conferencing and chat communications instead of meeting in-person.

Also, we have re-ensured that every team member still has the necessary hardware, software, desk and other tools to be comfortable to work from home indefinitely.

2. Full support for our customers

We always want to provide our clients with the best support we can give them.
To ensure no one is left behind, we have reached out to all of our customers and discussed individually the necessary steps in order to provide their contact centre managers and representatives with the ability to work from home.
Being a cloud-based solution this was a “business as usual” task for us so we managed to respond very quickly to all of their needs.

Last but not least, we are super proud with all of our customers as 100% of them are not setup to drive their contact centres from their home offices.

3. Continuity of our services

Being completely honest, this is yet another “business as usual” activity for us.
Understanding how vital our services are for our clients and their customers, we take no shortcuts running our systems. Callplan is sitting on a private cloud infrastructure which gives us a lot of flexibility and control over it. We follow the best industry practices not only for building and running our systems but also for disaster recovery, incident management and of course the security of the systems.

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