Inbound CC


Call Logging, Queue Management, Call Routing


Incoming Channel Management, Pre-recorded IVR, Customer Support Automation


Agent Dashboard, Easy to use interface, Wallboard, Control HUB



Our core recording solution allows you to capture and search calls and access live conversations in recordings remotely. Call recording can be paused by the client and/or agent thus it guarantees complete security. Acts compliance!


Our call recording software allows you to monitor live calls or your agents, search for calls, conduct quality control, and listen to specific recordings!


Get detailed reports of all traffic via our call metrics CDR (Call Details Record)! Monitor attributes of the call, such as time, duration, completion, status, source number, and destination number. Our call reporting includes other valuable information such as custom dispositions based on your requirements

Assignment to agent groups

Utilize more efficiently your active directory by assigning the queues to the right agent groups.

Traffic Load Reduction

Reduce load by managing more efficiently traffic. Route traffic to redundant agent groups and manage better the skills of your employees.


Prioritize critical queues in real time! Let profit driving traffic come first. Do not make your VIP clients wait on the queue.

Time-based routing

Route traffic based on the hours and days of the week.Make the most of your business hours and office locations!

Skill-based routing

Assign incoming calls to the most suitable agent, instead of simply choosing the next available one.

Secure Line

Protect your customers’ identities and improve your privacy with our Secure Line (SL) functionality!



Pre-recorded IVR

Your clients demand faster, simpler ways to engage with you and resolve issues? Pre-record options, route the traffic and let your clients choose the right solutions for them.

Customer Support Automation

Using carefully customer support automation allows you to serve customers in real time and they actually need your support! Shorten your time to resolution and create satisfied, more loyal customers.

Incoming Channel Management

IVR Services
Speech Recognition


Manual Dialer

Simple yet efficient our manual dialer allow agents to call clients at any time form their workstations!

Custom Dispositions

Craft your own reports and connect the call details record with dispositions related to the call such as information agents need to collect throughout the call or an outcome of the interaction! By tracking dispositions, you can gain valuable intelligence that can be used to optimize your operation!

Easy to use interface

Managers rarely appreciate the importance of the look of the interface that agents use on daily basis! Do not make that mistake! Happy agents mean satisfied clients! Our agent dashboard UI is specially designed to provide comfort and focus the agents to the task at hand without distracting them with unnecessary information. Our UI allows agents to perform their best without tiring them even in long night shifts!

Our wallboard is visual communication tool used to display real-time information related to contact center performance. We believe less is more when it comes to displaying information so we focus the agents’ attention to the most important metrics without distracting them from their work! Our wallboard is configurable and can display custom metrics and messages based on your request!

Snapshot of traffic

Agent availability

SLA Adherence

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