Say Hello to Our Brand New Call Flows and Amazing Design Updates

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Callplan has always had a unique approach to customer service software. We have strived to create our product with the mission to enrich your call centre team with the best solution to meet all of your customers’ needs.

Our team is always on a quest to create amazing new features and improve your customer experience with Callplan.

We are excited to announce that over the last few months we were working hard on your much-requested features and key product updates. Have a look at all of them below..

Enjoy the New Queues Design

Call plan Queues design
Releasing gradually to all customers is our brand new Queue Management tool (“Queues” in short) focused on helping you run your customer service even better. Let’s have a look at it!

The Queues tool is perfect for managing your call queues’ workload. It lets you assign/unassign agents from one queue to another so you can meet the dynamic customers’ needs.

Our new and easy to use design will maximize your team productivity while leading to increased customer satisfaction.
Taking in the feedback from our existing customers, we implemented the new design:

  • to make it easier to navigate and display more valuable info
  • to align the design with the rest of the User Interface
  • to prepare it for new upcoming features

The new queues designs will be aiming to satisfy your customer’s rising expectations while keeping the focus on simplicity. All this along with a few new features will optimize your customer’s requests and boost the value for your team.

If you’re curious to find out more about Queues, read this article which explains the feature in more detail.

Introducing Call Flows


Today marks a big day for us, as we launch our brand new feature – Call flows.

Call flows are the road map to how calls will be handled from the moment they dial-in your customer service centre to the end of the call. Call flows can be used to handle even the most complex call scenarios and enable great customer care. The tool allows you to create and customize your call structures fast and easy.

We know how important it is for you to provide a consistent customer experience that builds trust across all your communications. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce all the benefits of the new feature:

Easily create your powerful and fully customizable Call flows and make sure your customers speak with the right agent.
Create dynamic changes on your Call flows – refresh your audio message, update working hours or record a holiday greeting, for example.
Manage unlimited incoming calls and their Call flows. Amazing, isn’t it?
Building your Callplan flow empowers your team productivity while providing a remarkable customer experience. Utilizing your call flow effectively can benefit your contact centre by saving you time and resources.

If you’re curious to find out more information on how to use this tool, you can read this article:

Assuming you have created your Call flow already, it is now time to configure it. To give you some inspiration, here are a couple of examples of how you can use the Call flows tool to create a basic call flow and a more complex call flow:

We hope our new feature can help you drive a more efficient customer support team and inspire for some new highs. We focused our efforts on creating personalized customer interactions and great agent experience!

Slick New Navigation Icons

Navigation Icons Callplan

We’re excited to announce that our designers have created completely new navigation icons to communicate easily with your customers. The new icon designs make your Callplan feels impressively smooth and effortless.

We evolved our visual identity by making a few tweaks to the UI:

  • made all icons consistent across the application;
  • aligned the navigation bar with our updated brand design style;
  • separated some of the menus making it fast and easy to navigate your Callplan instance.

Keeping up with the customer service is easier now with the new thread design creating a fluid and seamless experience for your support team.
The new icons are bringing readability in your navigation viewer to embrace simple, powerful, and intelligent customer experiences that reveal your powerful contact centre capability.

Today’s releases are just a small part of our busy life here at Callplan and we can’t wait to talk about all the great features we have planned for you.
We’re on a mission to enrich your agent experience and handle your customer support.
Our customers are the inspiration for us to emerge our product, so we’d love to hear your feedback.
Keep an eye on our Blog to stay in the loop with the latest updates our team is working on.

Find out what Callplan can do for you! Contact us!

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