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Contact centers today must stay compliant with the constantly evolving security standards, so they can protect all the payment card information (PCI) of their customers. That’s why the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) plays an important part. To achieve PCI Compliance for your contact center and gain customer’s trust, Callplan has got you covered.

Our team is thrilled to announce the launch of the brand new Callplan Payments! We are excited to share more about our solution and how it can benefit your business in the long term.

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What is the PCI DSS standard?

The PCI standard stands for all the cardholder data that organizations accept, process, hold or transmit. It is essential for every contact center to provide stable security and protection for the customers, support teams and systems. This is how Callplan Payments can help you deal with sensitive data.

Callplan Secure Payments

Callplan Payments is a modern PCI Compliant solution that ensures high security standards in your contact center. We can help you collect remote card payments over the phone and complete safe transactions through a PCI certified Payment Service Provider (PSP). Callplan Secure Payments creates a protected and encrypted contact center environment not only for your customers but also for your agents.

How does Callplan Payments work?

When customers call your contact center with a payment request, they can either use the agent-assisted or the IVR-driven self-service payment system. The agent initiates a payment, while the customer is requested to enter their card details through the telephone keypad.

Once all card details are collected, the transaction is then processed via an encrypted and secured channel by the PSP. We prevent sensitive data from entering your contact center environment while delivering an excellent customer and agent experience.

Payment Methods

Callplan implements modern and secured payments through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Telephone Payments and Agent-Assisted Payments.

IVR Telephone Payments.

Callplan provides self-service  IVR to help you handle payments easier and eliminates the risk of card data exposure. Customers can quickly navigate through the IVR and follow the instructions to complete a transaction using either dialpad or speech to text. Callplan Telephone payments lets your customers use self-service 24/7 at their best convenience and transforms your contact center into a payment channel.

Agent-Assisted Payments.

Callplan Payments allows your agents to assist customers and guide them through the process while completing their transaction. The agent initiates a payment using the Payment User Interface, whereafter the customer enters their card information via the telephone keypad. The agent stays connected to the call and is not exposed to any card details while the customer provides their information in an encrypted environment.

Callplan empowers your contact center to collect telephone and agent-assisted payments while providing a great customer experience and maintaining secured PCI compliance.

10 Reasons to Choose Callplan Payments:

Callplan Payments is an elegant and modern system that meets 10 important criteria:

  1. Remote Payments Callplan Payments ensures safety for remote agents to collect payments over the phone. Furthermore, our next-gen security guarantees payment data protection for your customers (card details are not visible to agents).
  2. Great Customer and Agent Experience – Callplan Payments helps agents to effectively assist customers and ensures a smooth payment process.
  3. Flexible and Seamless – easy setup and completely customized payment forms to fit your contact center needs. 
  4. Easy to use – APIs to connect to your CRM tools and optimize your business processes. Callplan Payments provides an easy adoption by your customers and agents. 
  5. Broad integration – compatible with your existing PSPs, CRMs telephony systems and processes. 
  6. Saves time – provide self-service to solve general inquiries and free up agents to answer more complex payment requests.
  7. Security and Compliance – fully encrypted data and protected payment information meeting a high security standard PCI DSS.
  8. Increase Revenue and Reduce costs – Callplan allows you to handle payments easier while providing an efficient and cost-effective revenue channel. 
  9. A peace of mind for your business – our solution prevents sensitive data from entering your contact centre environment, yet protects agents and customers from card data exposure.  
  10. Customer’s Trust – we provide customers with safe payments and reduce the risk of data fraud which inevitably build their trust and loyalty in your business.

That’s what we have been up to recently. We can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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